Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F)

The Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) provides job training services to current employees of eligible businesses that are located in Iowa. Job training services are defined, as any training needed to enhance the performance of a business’ employees.

The 260F Program is administered by the Iowa Department of Economic Development and services are provided by Iowa’s 15 Community Colleges. Each community college works with eligible businesses to assess training needs, determine funds availability, and provide training.

Eligible businesses must:

    • Be located in or relocating to Iowa.
    • Must be engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purpose of manufacturing,
      processing, assembling products, warehousing, wholesaling or conducting research and development.
    • A business cannot have closed or reduced its employment base by more than 20 percent at any of its other business sites in Iowa in order to relocate substantially the same operation to another area of the state.
    • Employees who will receive training must be currently employed by the business and the business must pay Iowa withholding tax for them.

How does the program work?

The 260F program provides state-funded forgivable loans or grants to Iowa businesses needing to train their existing employees. A loan is forgivable if a business completes its training program and trains a specified number of employees.

Individual business sites are eligible for maximum awards of $25,000 per training project. A business site is eligible for a maximum of $50,000 in program assistance during a three-year period. Training projects costing $5,000 or more require a 25% cash match for the business. Training projects costing less than $5,000 do not require a business cash match.

Getting started

Contact the Clinton Regional Development Corporation to secure an application and determine a training plan that will be most effective for your business.

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