Future Focused 2024 Funding Campaign

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As a local business leader, you understand and appreciate growth and development, which is why we want to share our five-year economic growth plan for the Greater Clinton Region.  The Clinton Regional Development Corporation (CRDC) developed this plan with input from dozens of local stakeholders and we call it “Future Focused 2024.”

The CRDC understands that building up our local economy will require an emphasis on workforce development, business retention and expansion, attracting new businesses, and attracting new residents and workers into our community. We can achieve our collective goals if we work together! Your engagement and individual actions will help us create the type of economy and communities that we all desire.

Future Focused 2024’s mission is clear:

To accelerate and elevate economic prosperity for all.  To achieve this, we have developed an aggressive, five-year business plan that will require $2.5 million to fully implement.  The goals and projected economic impacts of this effort on our regional economy include:

  • Creating 500 new primary jobs and 329 secondary jobs;
  • Generating $100,000,000 in new capital investment;
  • Attracting 300 new workers and 900 new residents;
  • Facilitating training for 250 existing workers, representing 25 companies; and
  • Collaborating with education partners to provide career and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) exploratory experiences to 2,500 students.

We are asking you and other business and community leaders to join as financial supporters of this effort. As a business leader in our region, we believe that you will benefit significantly through our collective success.

FIRST:  Allow us to acknowledge your interest in enhancing the regional economy by publishing your name and organization in our campaign materials and website as a supporter.

SECOND:  Become more informed about the strategic plan and the expected benefits to your bottom line.

THIRD:  Support this critically important effort as your time, interest, and resources permit.

The CRDC enthusiastically urges you to join us in making sure that our region’s economic vitality is bright for future generations!

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Future Focused 2024 Case for Investment & Pledge Card

“Since I arrived in Iowa, in the spring of 2018, the CRDC has done a tremendous job of helping me acclimate to the area, as well as provide direction on any questions/concerns related to city activities, governmental affairs, etc.  Most recently, the CRDC was instrumental in helping Nestlé Purina PetCare apply and receive state and local funding for our upcoming expansion.  Not only did the CRDC go out of their way to provide the necessary application material and information specific to the available grants, etc., but they were available to answer any questions throughout the process.  Our local team and our corporate team, are thankful for the CRDC’s help and support and appreciate their forward-thinking to help our business and city grow.  We feel fortunate to have such a great partnership with the CRDC.” – Roger Brecht, Plant Manager, Nestle Purina PetCare – Clinton 

“We are proud to support and be a part of the CRDC (Clinton Regional Development Corporation).  Prior to last year, we were not familiar with the services that the CRDC offers.  We had a situation come up and had been recommended to contact the CRDC.  The staff and board of the CRDC immediately provided assistance and input to resolve what could have been a detrimental situation for our Company.  The staff and board of the CRDC assisted us with communications and interactions on a local and state level that was invaluable to us.  Additionally, in working with the CRDC, we learned about how the CRDC supports the area from a wide variety of functions that touch our employees, customers, and business as a whole.  Thank you CRDC for supporting our community and our industry!” – Cari Fenzel, General Manager, Collis, LLC

“As a leader of a company that’s been in the community since 1926, I appreciate the important work that the CRDC accomplishes and has accomplished for many years. Their longevity as an economic development organization is impressive. Our investment in CRDC is one of the best investments we can make in the future for our company and our community!” – Mike Johnson, President, Clinton Engineering

Thank you to our Investor Partners