CRDC Commits to Invest $5,000 in U.S. Highway 30 Study

Clinton, IA, February 26, 2022– The proposed study will evaluate the economic role and importance of two segments of U.S. Highway 30 (U.S. 30). The segments, each about 40 miles in length, extend from Carroll to Ogden in Carroll, Greene, and Boone Counties and from Lisbon to Dewitt in Linn, Cedar, and Clinton Counties. In addition to evaluating the economic significance of the two highway segments, the analysis will address the importance of the U.S. 30 corridor in its entirety across the State of Iowa.

The total length of U.S. 30 through Iowa measures 330.4 miles. Iowa’s primary highway system consists of 8,907 miles, of which 2,600 miles may be designated as part of the Commercial and Industrial Highway Network (CIN). All of U.S. 30 was included in the original plan for the CIN, which was completed in 1991.

The legislation that authorized and established criteria for the CIN in 1988 and 1989, along with subsequent updates, states that:

The network shall consist of interconnected routes which provide long-distance route continuity. The purpose of this highway network shall be to improve the flow of commerce; to make travel more convenient, safe, and efficient; and to better connect Iowa with regional, national, and international markets. (2020 Iowa Code, Title VIII, Section 313.2A)

Given that more than 30 years have passed since completing the original CIN plan, a thorough review of the need for improvements to the U.S. 30 corridor is merited. Several significant changes have occurred relative to the structure of Iowa’s economy and the distribution of economic activity in the state.

“Continued investment in the U.S. 30 corridor makes sense; both common and economical. With over 50 manufacturers in the Clinton Region, access to a robust highway system is essential moving forward. As we grow, infrastructure improvements must follow.” said Andy Sokolovich, Interim President & CEO of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation (CRDC).

During a meeting of the Board of Directors, the CRDC agreed unanimously to invest $5,000 to support the U.S. 30 study.

“I already know what the study is going to reveal. The results will speak to economic growth along the corridor, justifying the need for increased investment in upgrades to U.S. 30 on both sides of the river.” Sokolovich stated.

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