Interview Series: Kim Brackemyer, Operations Director at the Skyline Center

The Clinton Regional Development Corporation (CRDC) and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) have teamed up to bring you stories from area businesses as they work through and manage the pandemic situation. In this series, hosts Andy Sokolovich (CRDC) and Christine Caves (EICC) speak with Human Resource professionals, educators, community leaders, and representatives of industry to find out what local businesses are doing, what’s working, and how they’re keeping up morale during these challenging times. You’ll also hear insights for people looking to change careers or industries and college and high school students preparing to enter the workforce.

In this episode, Andy Sokolovich of the CRDC interviews Kim Brackemyer of the Skyline Center. The Skyline’s mission is to assist persons with disabilities to live independently, to access community-based resources, to break down barriers to independence, and to reach individualized employment goals through the provision of specialized training and support services.

For more information on our interview series, please contact Andy Sokolovich at or (563) 242-4536.

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