Clinton Region Business Roundtable w/Threase Harms of Advocacy Strategies 12.22.20

Threase and the Advocacy Strategies team serves as the eyes and ears for Grow Clinton County at the statehouse. Advocacy Strategies is a full-service government relations, public affairs, and media consulting firm in Des Moines. Threase has over 25 years of experience providing strategic guidance and hands-on support developing and implementing successful lobbying, public affairs, grassroots and media campaigns of all sizes from national campaigns across the country to smaller campaigns in Iowa communities. She represents clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies, municipalities, local government associations, state agencies, to non-profit organizations.

Our agenda includes:

  • Introduction to Advocacy Strategies – How their efforts support the growth and development of the Greater Clinton Region.
  • 2021 Iowa Legislative Outlook – What should we be monitoring this legislative session?
  • Grow Clinton County Agenda
  • Q&A

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