CRDC Hires New Existing Industry Manager!

Andy Sokolovich of Clinton Iowa will join the Clinton Regional Development Corporation (CRDC) as the Existing Industry Manager.  As part of the CRDC’s Vision 2020 initiative, the Existing Industry Manager position was created to assist businesses with expansion and retention.  The Existing Industry Manager will work alongside other organizations to analyze or identify the needs and challenges of our local companies.

Sokolovich has been involved in the Clinton community since moving here in 2012.  As an eleven-year veteran of the United States Air Force, Sokolovich is ready to engage this new mission with a strategic plan consisting of industry partnerships and networks, workforce readiness programs, and the communication of the CRDC’s existing industry achievements and contributions.

As a team player, Sokolovich is ready to build sustainable relationships with industry leaders by opening the lines of communication, and fostering the growth of strategic partnerships between all industries involved in our continued economic success.  Sokolovich will spearhead a proactive in-person company visitation program, while assisting industry leaders in capitalizing on new opportunities for growth while also addressing possible challenges.

Since 1953, the CRDC has been focused on creating jobs in the Clinton Region.  The Existing Industry Manager will act as a conduit allowing for the steady flow of information between all regional organizations focused on increasing the quality of life for our workforce and growing our population.

“I will take action to ensure our region’s companies have every opportunity to expand, hire, and continue their contribution to our shared economic success!”
~Andy Sokolovich

Thank you to our Investor Partners